What Do You Need?

What do you need to know to satisfy needs?

Work should be meaningful and provide great joy and fulfillment .  .  .

On average, we spend a third of our lives engaged in work related activities. Most of us must work to meet the demands we place upon ourselves. Work can be hard and very demanding - the challenge is how to balance needs and desires with the things we must do provide for ourselves and our loved ones.  Who we are helps to define what we can do. What we are given and what we earn depends greatly upon how we leverage situations and opportunities. To achieve the success we seek, it is necessary to apply our abilities where we can excel.  Identifying where we can contribute and achieve reward and recognition for your efforts is very important. The challenge is to find the best opportunities where we can satisfy needs while also creating lasting value for ourselves and those we serve.

Where and when we engage helps to define what we can achieve .  .  .

Making the effort to truly understand needs helps to define what we really need to do. Time and effort given to learn usually creates great opportunity to maximize returns on efforts. The objective is to understand what is required and what we need to do to meet these requirements. As we identify new things to learn and new ways to apply our abilities we create opportunities to explore new possibilities. We all hope and dream. Opportunity to turn possibilities into realities is often contingent on being in the right place at the right time with the right resources. Your mission is to push the limits and to strive to achieve the best results given your situation and the opportunities in front of you - while never forgetting the effort you make and support you receive.

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